Technical Service & Support 


Berthold Technologies USA has a technical support team which is acclaimed for their high level of technical competence, regulatory expertise and commitment to customer service.  In addition to calibration and repair services for Berthold’s complete line of electronic instrumentation, we offer the following radiological services:

  • Leak Tests / Wipe Tests

Most radioactive materials licenses require that sealed sources be leak tested every six months or every three years depending on device registration.  We provide do-it-yourself test kits or on-site leak test services.

  • Nuclear Gauge Shutter Checks

Regulations require operational shutter checks on all devices with shutters, every six months. We can track and perform this maintenance item for you, keep your records up-to-date, and identify potential “sticky shutters” before they become a problem.

  • Program Audits

On-site visits to review your device records and identify any potential regulatory issues, with recommendations on how to keep you compliant.

  • Nuclear Product Training

Our knowledgeable and experienced engineers can train your personnel to confidently and safely operate, maintain, and troubleshoot your Berthold devices.

  • Preventative Maintenance Plans

Service agreements are available to provide bi-annual leak tests, perform radiation surveys & shutter checks, and audits with training. Our contracts can be custom-made to meet your needs.

  • Supervisory Services for Installation, Removal and Relocation

Regulatory and radiological safety oversight for plant personnel involved in the physical movement of nuclear gauges.

  • Source Disposals

Disposal services are not limited to Berthold devices. We can also help you dispose of old Kay Ray, Texas Nuclear, Thermo, Ohmart, Vega, Ronan and other devices. This service includes: overseeing the removal of your source from service, providing the required on-site leak testing and radiation surveys, inspecting and packaging the device, preparing for shipment with proper markings, labeling and shipping papers as required by the Department of Transportation (DOT), providing Letter of Transfer of Ownership.

  • Nuclear Gauge Commissioning

Commissioning and startup of Berthold devices for General and Specific Licensees.


All of our service engineers are certified radiation workers and are factory trained.  Please contact us to let us know how we can help you.