Dose & Dose Rate Monitors

Dose RateDose and dose rate concepts were defined in order to quantify the effects of ionizing radiation to human beings.

Contamination Monitors

 Contam MonitorsWe produce sensitive instruments providing early warnings help to prevent inadvertent transfer of radioactivity.




Monitoring of Airborne Radioactivity

AirborneMontoring of airborne radioactivity is one of our core competences. We offer monitoring of particulates, iodine, noble gas and tritium.

Activity Measurement

 ActivityActivity is a measure of the amount of radionuclide(s) in a material emitting ionising radiation.





 Probes & Sensors

Probes SensorsWe provide several probes and sensors for various radiation protection applications.

Nuclear Data Processing

 Nuclear DataData acquisition systems and software equipment used for a variety of measuring applications.