Probes & Sensors

Berthold Technologies provides several probes and sensors for various radiation
protection applications. These products cover a wide range of radiation
levels or energy ranges. Our product specialists will be available with
their support for special applications.


LB 6411 Neutron Probe

LB6411The LB 6411 dose rate probe for neutrons is optimized and calibrated for the measurement of neutron ambient dose equivalent H*(10).




LB 6500 Geiger-Mueller Dose Rate Probe

LB6500Geiger-Mueller Dose Rate Probe used in various radiation protection applications.





LB 6360-H10 Low Dose Rate Probe

LB6360Proportional counter tube for Low Dose Rate measurements used in various radiation protection applications.




LB 6701 Ionization Chamber

LB6701Ionization chamber for dose rate measurements in Health Physics applications.