Monitoring of Airborne Radioactivity

Montoring of airborne radioactivity is one of our core competences. We offer
monitoring of particulates, iodine, noble gas and tritium. Air
monitoring requires not only sensitive detection of the emmitted
radiation from a wide variety of radionnuclides. Even more important is
careful sampling of the activities,like for instance isokinetic
sampling. We offer room-air monitoring, but also stack monitoring. Our
experts provide special solutions to match the specific requirements of
the application on site. Since several years we have installed a large
base of monitors in PET centers. Our product range covers also water


LB 110 Tritium-Monitor

LB110The LB 110 is a special measuring system for monitoring the tritium activity concentration in room and exhaust air.




LB 150 D-R α-β Fixed Filter Monitor

LB150The α-β-particulates monitor LB 150 D-R can be deployed for the measurement of airborne artificial α- and β-activity.




LB 9140 Transportable α-β Moving Filter Monitor

LB9140The transportable moving filter monitor LB 9140 is used to measure airborne α-β-particulates.




BAI 9128 Moving Filter Monitor

LB9128The BAI 9128 moving filter monitor is an easy transportable monitor intended for the measurement of α- and β-particulates.




BAI 9100 D Moving Filter Monitor

LB9100DThe Moving Filter Monitor BAI 9100 D measures α and β particulates activity in stack or environmental monitoring applications.




BAI 9109-4 Beta-Gasmonitor

LB9109 4The Beta-Gasmonitor BAI 9109-4 provides the opportunity to monitor radioactive gases in rooms and discharched air.