Microplate Readers

Microplate readers for fluorescence, absorbance, luminescence, TRF, HTRF®, fluorescence polarization, BRET and AlphaScreen®


Mithras LB 940 Multimode Microplate Reader

940modular and reliable multimode, multilabel, multi-detection microplate reader with outstanding performance in all technologies



LB 913 Apollo 11 ELISA Absorbance Reader

913microplate absorbance reader




TriStar² LB 942 Multidetection Microplate Reader

942modular multimode, multilabel, multi-detection microplate reader with superior performance and features





Centro XS³ LB 960 Microplate Luminometer

960microplate luminometer with extraordinary sensitivity for 96 and 384 well plates and up to 3 injectors



Centro LB 960 Microplate Luminometer

960a versatile, robust and sensitive microplate luminometer with up to 3 injectors and temperature control



Twinkle LB 970 Microplate Fluorometer

970microplate top and bottom reading fluorometer




CentroPRO LB 962 Microplate Luminometer

962 waccessoriesbasic microplate luminometer applicable for research and routine use