in vivo Imaging

985 openin vivo gene expression: luciferases and fluorescent proteins visualisation and quantification in plants

 Microplate Readers

942multimode, TRF, fluorescence, BRET, absorbance, HTRF, luminescence, FP, AlphaScreen 



Tube Luminometers

Tube Lumreporter gene assays, immunoassays, hygiene monitoring, water toxicity, cellular luminescence

HPLC Radio Detectors

HPLCflow detectors for alpha, beta, gamma emitting and PET isotopes combinable with any LC and HPLC system for metabolism, degradation studies or QC

 Gamma Counters

Gamma Countermulti sample gamma counters for assays based on isotopes like 125I, 51Cr, 57Co, 59Fe and 99Tc

Plate Handling

Plate Handlingmicroplate stacking system for plate readers


QC Tools

QC toolsmeans to check and validate the performance of plate readers, imaging systems, HPLC radio monitors and gamma counters



Accessoriesoptical filters, adapters for plate readers, flow cells



Consumablesmicroplates, tubes, cleaning solutions, liquid scintillants



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