Activity Measurement

Activity is a measure of the amount of radionuclide(s) in a material emitting
ionising radiation. Activities in samples are measured in Becquerel.
Berthold offers several instruments for alpha-beta or gamma counting.
Especially for environmental samples or wipe tests there are low or even
very low detection limits required. Our low-level counters meet these
requirements. They use special background reduc­tion techniques,
selected detector materials and lead shieldings to provide excellent
MDAs. There are also other instruments for instance for food


LB 200 Becquerel Monitor for activity measurement in foodstuffs

LB200The LB 200 is a very simple measuring system for the assessment of gamma activity in foodstuffs, liquids and bulk goods.




LB 2045 Gamma Spectrometer

LB2045The LB 2045 is a modern gamma spectroscopy system for activity measurements in laboratories.



LB 2046 Portable α-β-Activity Measuring System

LB2046The α / β measuring system allows simultaneous determination of α- and β-activities in different samples.




LB 770 10-Channel α-β Low-Level Counter

LB770The 10-channel Low-Level Planchet Counter LB 770 offers simultaneous, separate α-β measurement of 10 planchets.



LB 790 10-Channel α-β Low-Level Counter with PC-Software AMS

LB790The LB 790 allows simultaneous and separate measurements of low activities for α and β radiation emitting radionuclides.




LB 761 GD α-β Low-Level Counter for 200 mm Planchets

LB761The measuring system LB 761 GD α-β Low-Level Counter for 200 mm
Planchets allows the simultaneous measurement of α- and β- activities.




LB 2050 Clearance Monitor

LB2050The Clearance Monitor LB 2050 is designed for the measurement of the massspecific activity and the surface contamination.