LB 112 Micro Gamma - stationary dose rate monitor

LB112The LB 112 Micro-Gamma datalogger is a stationary monitor for one or two independent detectors or for a low dose / high dose rate measuring system. The operation of the device is controlled with a simple menu and softkeys.

Operation of the LB 112 is carried out with five softkeys located below the vacuum fluorescence display with adjustable brightness. All parameters are protected by a password.

           An info key calls up a menu with important information during the measurement:

                                                                         alarm conditions

                                                                         raw data

                                                                         alarm thresholds

                                                                         further parameters

If the dose rate unit changed, the results are automatically renormalized.  The dose rates are also available as output currents via the two analog outputs 0/4-20 mA, in a linear or logarithmic scale.



LB112 Brochure

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