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LB 124 SCINT-300 contamination monitor for α- and β-γ-Measurement

LB124SCINT 300The contamination monitor LB 124 SCINT–300 is a versatile and flexible
instrument for practical radiation protection. The Detector is based on
innovative scintillation technology and has a big sensitive area of 345LB124 300 ANGLE
cm². The LB 124 SCINT–300 can be employed wherever contamination caused
by radioactive substances is encountered and has to be monitored. It is
used to measure radioactive alpha and beta-gamma contaminations on
surfaces such as floors, walls, desks, objects, clothing or skin.

LB124 300 BOTTOM     LB124 300 BOTTOM2     LB124 300 PORTABLE2    LB124 300 PORTABLE3



LB124 SCINT-300 Brochure

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