LB 2050 Clearance Monitor

LB2050The Clearance Monitor LB 2050 has been specially designed for clearance measurements which are required for the disposal of
radioactive waste with negligible radioactivity in accordance with theGerman Radiation Protection Ordinance of 2001.

For clearance as non-radioactive substances, nuclidespecific limit values (total activity and specific activity) must not be exceeded. This requires measurement
of the sample activity (Bq/g) and the surface contamination (Bq/cm²). The Clearance Monitor LB 2050 is designed for the measurement of the massspecific activity and the surface contamination.LB2050 CLOSED

Cleared objects can be treated and disposed as nonradioactive objects. However, the appropriate regulations have to be observed if these substances are toxic. Objects whose activity exceeds the permissible limit values are treated as radioactive substances and have to be handled accordingly.

The Clearance Monitor LB 2050 indicates the storage time for the respective nuclide until the radioactivity of waste has decayed so much that the values fall below the legal clearance levels. All clearance measurements are automatically documented in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements.


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