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NightSHADE LB 985 in vivo Plant Imaging System

985 wcameraThe dedicated in vivo Plant Imager

NightSHADE LB 985 is a modular plant imaging system for monitoring luminescence and fluorescence in tissues, seedlings and whole plants. Housed in an absolutely light-tight darkroom its heart is a cooled CCD camera which can be mounted on top or at the side.

As the first imaging system fully dedicated to plant research it offers unique features:985 front

          Deep cooled slow scan CCD camera with high sensitivity

          Top and side view

          Large darkbox

          LED based plant illumination with daylight simulation

          X/Y-table and rotating table for multiple sample dishes

          Condensation removal

          Temperature controlled table

"I am a big fan of the instrument! It is definitely a multipurpose tool and there is nothing like it in the market."

Rajnish Khanna, Mendel Biotechnology Inc., Hayward

Low level luciferase bioluminescence and chemiluminescence from luminol enhanced reactive oxygen species can be monitored as well as GFP and other fluorescent dyes. With the NightSHADE we offer a plant imaging system ideally suited for today´s and tomorrow´s applications such as monitoring gene expression and circadian rhythm with reporter genes, observation of plant growth, examination of stress tolerance, measuring of delayed fluorescence and drug screening in plants.

                                             985 open      985 turntable       985 side


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