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Brix measurement and Concentration measurement LB 565

MeasureCellAnalyzer for Brix and Dry Substance

Micro-Polar Brix is specifically designed for the sugar industry. It provides online measurement of

         Dry substance

         Brix value



The real-time measuring results are essential in order to optimize and control the sugar quality and moreover to ensure an efficient production process. In more than thousand applications worldwide, the Micro-Polar Brix has proven to work absolutely reliable and accurate.

Micro-Polar Brix is available with different sensor types for the installation on vessels (e.g. crystallizer) or pipelines. The High-Dynamic version Micro-Polar Brix++ provides an excellent measuring accuracy, even for large pipeline diameters.

Typical measurements in the sugar beet and sugar cane industry:

  • Brix value during crystallization (continuous or batch-type vacuum pan)
  • Concentration of milk of lime
  • Dry substance of thin and thick juice

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Multi-frequency Technology

The measurement is performed with a number of different frequencies per measurement cycle, leading to a very stable and reliable measurement, unaffected by reflexes or resonances.

High Dynamics

The high dynamic range of Micro-Polar allows the precise measurement on even very large pipeline diameters.

Reference Line

An integrated reference line makes the measurement independent from potential environmental influences.

Automatic on-site Calibration

The calibration is done directly on the evaluation unit. The software contains a sample taking feature, where laboratory values can be easily entered. The calibration curve is calculated automatically.


LB565 Micro-Polar Brix

LB565 Micro-Polar Application Data Sheet

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