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Concentration Measurement

ConcentrationWe measure dry substance, brix value, concentration and water content, using the latest microwave transmission technology.The measurement is carried out during the ongoing process, providing real-time information about the trends in concentration or dry substance.

The systems are proven to work highly accurate and reliable – for various liquids as well as pastes and suspensions.


 We provide sensor systems for the installation on:




Measuring Principle

The microwave technology is highly representative and hardly affected by colour, viscosity or inhomogenous material composition.

Learn more about how microwaves are used to measure the concentration or dry substance


Our Products for Concentration Measurement:

Brix measurement and Concentration measurement LB 565

565Measurement of Brix, Dry Substance, Density and Concentration with Micro-Polar Brix – the Microwave analyzer for the sugar industry





Concentration and Water content measurement LB 566 / LB 567

565Micro-Polar is the latest microwave based analyzer for measuring dry substance, water content and density (e.g. in g/l or °Bé).