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Moisture Measurement

Moist MeasureThe Berthold moisture analyzers are used to measure the moisture in bulk materials online during the ongoing process, providing rapid and precise real-time information on the current water content.The measurement is carried out absolutely non-contacting, which lays the foundation for a long-term operation, free of wear and maintenance.

The Microwave Transmission and the Radiometric Technology are the two main principles on which our analyzers are based. Both technologies complement each other perfectly so that we are able to provide you with the best solution – even for the most challenging measurement tasks.


Our Products for Density Measurement:

Microwave Moisture Analyzer Micro-Polar LB 567 / LB 568

MP HornAntennaHighly accurate and applicable for all kind of bulk materials, except highly conductive materials.





Radiometric Moisture Measurement LB 350

coke bunker surface probeNo application-related restrictions. Very representative and robust.