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Level Measurement

LevelThe level measurement technology by Berthold is used in a variety of industrial sectors - ranging from the chemical to the waste water industry.  It is suitable for measuring ranges of just a few millimeters up to several meters.

Applicatons are particularly successful when facing extreme measurement conditions:

  * Extreme temperatures

  * High Pressure

                                       * Excessive foam formation

                                       * Dust

                                       * Acid or abrasive media

Our level measurement technology is suitable for any kind of vessel or bunker, e.g. storage tanks, hot storage tanks, vessels with agitators, cyclones, high-pressure reactors or autoclaves.


Our Products for Level Measurement

Level Switch Measurement

LevelSwitchMeasurement of point level, min. and max. alarm for liquids and bulk materials




Level Measurement, Continuous Level

ContinuousLevelContinuous measurement of level - non-contacting and maintenance-free




Mould Level Measurement

452 install billetcasterReliable measurement of mould level in continuous casting applications.


Interface and Multiphase Level Measurement


Measure the interface position between two liquid phases or the height of different product layers with radiometric systems.