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Bulk Flow Measurement Technology

Belt WeigherThe radiometric belt weigher works non-contacting, with a scintillation detector installed beneath and a shielded source mounted above the conveying system. Radiation is directed through the measurement point and attenuated as it passes through the conveyor. The extent to which it is attenuated depends on the conveyor load.

When combining the measured conveyor load with a velocity signal, the mass flow rate can be determined very accurately and without any influence of dust, temperature, vibrations, varying particle sizes or chemical properties of the measured material.

Beside the typical measuring arrangement with point source and rod detector, we can also work with rod sources, which are particularly used when highest accuracies are required. Thus allowing us to achieve optimum measuring results for each single application.


Benefits at a GlanceBucker ConveyorBulk Flow1Screw conveyor


High accuracy and reliability

Maintenance-free operation

The system's components are not subject to any wear and tear

Easy to install on existing conveyors

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